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Secure your business from targeted attacks

In today’s digital operating environment, IT security is even more essential than ever before.Businesses need to be particularly due diligent in their security strategies and systems implementation. Cyber security defence checks and measures pro-actively prevent your business from simple malware to more sophisticated and targeted attacks which can happen to any business.  What kind of checks and measures does your business have in place? And how do you know where to start when there are so many security software and hardware components for example FortiGate next generation firewalls, FortiSIEM, TrendMicro Deep Security and a host of other enterprise solutions.

We help you navigate the growing complexity of cyber security. We design and implement cyber security defense solutions for a range of companies ensuring that they are prepared for the next digital era. Every cyber security solution is different depending on your business requirements and can include any of the following components:

  • Integrated Next generation firewalls in high availability in Active / Active or Active / Passive configuration
  • Data leak prevention
  • SIEM (Security incident & event management solution) solutions
  • Email security
  • Trendmicro Deep Security for servers and workstations with office scan for data loss prevention (USB lockdown)

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