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Monitor and protect your data in real time

Monitoring your data in real-time is critical in today’s digital and 24/7 switched on world. Businesses can’t afford for their operations and data to be hacked or to fail, and so real-time monitoring and protection is vital. As part of our monitoring and back-up services, we use integrated backup solutions to provide reliable protection in real time. With our set-and-forget scheduling system, your systems, data and databases can be backed up every few minutes throughout the day with minimal impact to production systems, networks and users.

What we monitor?

Our proactive monitoring and alerting platform identifies and addresses issues well before they become a monitoring requirement. We monitor a range of things from availability of field devices, network bandwidth utilisation, network performance, disk performance, application services monitoring, CPU utilisation and much more.

How we do it?

We have a centralized network and system monitoring platform with PRTG whereby we monitor sensors configured on probes distributed across your infrastructure (Virtual servers, Physical servers, database).Our central monitoring server includes clustered pair of servers running from our datacentre setup for extra security.

How we alert you?

Monitoring alerts will range from near real time 30 secs to 30 mins depending on risk factors and probe / network loads (to be defined). Alert thresholds will be adjusted after initial baseline data collection for an agreed period of time and Communication of alerts as per agreed SLAs and process. Further, self service reporting capability is incorporated into the platform.

When you protect your data with us

  • You can focus on other strategic and important operational tasks
  • You can reduce your workload. Our system’s automatic verification and re-verification tools give you confidence when recovery is necessary.
  • You can boost productivity with reduced down time.The flexible recovery option minimises recovery time between a disruption to the moment the system is available again, limiting impacts to your business continuity.
  • You can manage backups with ease. We provide one total solution for complete backup, recovery, disaster recovery and migration, delivering a true and rapid return on investment.
  • Fast recovery if required. An easy drag-and-drop file and folder restores in seconds to any 15-minute point in time. It even stores multiple versions of the same file, enabling quick restoring of any file.

Secure disaster recovery for peace of mind. We’ll protect your data, systems and databases with a second copy of the backup in our datacentre. This can be quickly retrieved. Your system can even be fully recovered to different hardware or between virtual environments, to recreate the server as it was at the time of the last backup and minimise downtime and loss of productivity to your business.

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