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Protect your business from the inevitable

Cyber security have evolved into a serious and critical requirement for our day to day lives – whether in business or at home….or on the road ! Websites, online accounts, converged devices, converged networks, the internet of things – all are exposed to risk of cyber attack which can include identity theft leading to serious and damaging financial and reputational impact to individuals and businesses.

Traditional security architectures proving to be futile, organizations are finding it difficult to protect themselves due to a lack of resources and skills to combat threats. Averaging more than 30 point security products, enterprise customers are managing multiple time-consuming security consoles and facing a lack of transparency.

The digital attack surface is expanding and becoming invisible. More and more attacks are targeting IoT devices. Customers’ use of siloed apps in multi-cloud environments make it even harder for them to respond to threats. Sophisticated cyberattack technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are reducing the time from intrusion to attack. Customers need to detect threats fast.

Our holistic cyber security solutions leveraging well know and established industry solutions fall into the following categories.

  • Advanced Threat protection & mitigation
  • Compliance management
  • Cybersecurity risk management
  • Business continuity
  • Security operations encompassing monitoring risk, compliance and mitigation solutions.
  • Secure Archiving

The technology solutions include

  • Robust antispam and multi-layered AV solutions with machine learning capabilities to detect new and evolving threats.
  • Advanced protection against malicious URL’s and attachments.
  • Data loss prevention to prevent secure and sensitive data leaving the organisation.
  • Intelligent content filtering.
  • Cloud based email archiving.
  • Image scanning technologies.

We extensively use carrier grade unified threat management solutions. The Fortinet Security Fabric connects Fortinet solutions to achieve true end-to-end security – working together to create a broad, integrated and automated security solution. Weaving through the entire network—from the Internet of Things (IoT) to the cloud — the Fortinet Security Fabric provides superior protection against today’s sophisticated threats.

And TrendMicro deep security enterprise solutions leveraging AI, vulnerability management and

Need for Encrypted Traffic Inspection Is Increasing. Over the past year, encrypted traffic using HTTPS and SSL has grown from less than half of total network traffic to a record high of nearly 60%. Most enterprises don’t decrypt encrypted traffic due to performance and operational challenges. But with the rise of malware hidden in encrypted traffic, it will be very important for NGFWs to do SSL inspection at high speeds without causing any performance challenges which is a key part of our security solutions.

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