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Enabling the future of work

Converged networks technology is enabling end-users to work in new ways and can deliver substantial cost savings to the business. In the same way that the dedicated mobile phone, camera and computers have merged into single multi-function device – networks have moved from disparate / analog and digital systems to a single converged solution.

Over the last few years, 75% of phone calls are made over an IP network. Video is also increasingly being run through converged networks. The question is not whether to switch to a converged IP network for voice and data, but when and how to switch.

Convergence is allowing businesses to integrate better across different systems and platforms; leveraging / using data more effectively and efficiently.

Other benefits include things like a common network security and control framework that converts into a lower operating costs with a consolidated and reduced support framework.

Woodside Energy is one company that has recognised the limitations of having siloed networks for their building operations platform and as such have implemented a clear direction to use converged network for their new HQ building automation, access control, security, CCTV systems.

Mobile and fixed network convergence has been ongoing in traditional data networks; however this is rapidly extending to IOT platforms as well.

Perth Stadium

Find out how Perth Stadium has become one of Australia’s highest tech stadiums with its unique unified hyper converged platform.

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