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Moving beyond the datacenter

Converged infrastructure is tearing down traditional datacentre silos making it easier and faster to deploy business workloads, reduce operating costs and increase productivity and efficiency including financial efficiency. Compute, Storage, Network and server virtualization into a common physical chassis framework.

Whilst hyper-converged infrastructure adds tighter integration between components through software there are some use cases that require high volume storage or specialist compute solutions or simply HPC (high performance computing).

Hyperconverged infrastructure uses software defined datacentre with tight integrations between the compute, storage and network interconnects. This enables easier scaling up and more cost efficient for medium workloads or VDI implementations.

Our solutions have taken the best of both worlds providing the benefits of HCI and incorporated into the Converged infrastructure without the limitations of easy and quick scaling of workloads or being able to address both standard workloads or HPC workloads in a single platform using long established HPE’s very flexible high density compute platform together with options of storage within the platform or cost effective and scalable SAN directly connected via the converged network infrastructure included in our solution for both on premise or Hybrid Cloud implementations.

Perth Stadium

Find out how Perth Stadium has become one of Australia’s highest tech stadiums with its unique unified hyper converged platform.

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