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Trusted solutions ensure zero downtime in today's always-on world

The modern IT landscape is challenging. IT leaders have much to consider when implementing any kind of technology or IT solution. With the arrival of the digital transformation era, there is even more for leaders now to navigate. Leaders need to ask the questions: how can I ensure optimum security and protect my operations from targeted cyber attacks? How can I ensure my systems are always up and running with limited downtime? How can I design systems for today with tomorrow in mind? How can I effectively capture and store more data so it can be accessed in real time? 

To make it easier for IT leaders, Providence Solutions has selected a range of best-in-breed solutions that are proven and trusted in order to help the modern IT leader navigate successfully these questions and more, allowing them to build a stronger IT platform and foundation for now and into the future. 

Our solutions

  • High Density Compute

    High Density compute supported by HPE flex fabric solution and storage

  • Converged Networks

    HPE blade platform with flex fabric switching

  • Cyber Security

    Securing your business from any potential malware or targeted threats is non negotiable for businesses today. We specialise in total cyber security defence solutions.

  • Fault Tolerance

    There’s no room for downtime when it comes to mission-critical infrastructure and applications. That’s why we provide robust fault tolerance solutions so you’re never caught out.

  • Continuous Availability

    Uptime all the time is key for any business. We offer an extensive range of continuous availability solutions for end to end protection of business services.

  • Availability for Clusters

    Availability for Clusters for Windows & Linux cluster environments

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