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Uptime all the time for mission critical applications

In an increasingly “Always On” world, customers demand continuous availability of critical business services, with no tolerance for any service disruptions. Any instance of unavailability can cause significant damage to a company’s reputation with negative flow on effects throughout the entire organisation. Companies just can’t afford loss in profitability and market share from systems failure. Recent research shows companies lose up to 89 minutes per year in downtime, costing close to a million dollars.

We have selected everRun® Enterprise, from Stratus Technologies, as the best in breed solution, the world’s first fault tolerance software providing all businesses, regardless of size and industry:

  • 99.999% system uptime
  • zero changeover / failover time
  • no data loss

With everRun® Enterprise proactively prevent downtime from occurring for critical infrastructure and applications rather than merely recovering from it – a difference that can have a significant impact on revenues, product and service delivery, customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

everRun® Enterprise unifies the fault-tolerant engine with ease of use, monitoring, management and service capabilities making it the first ever solution for an emerging category called Software Defined Availability. It offers new levels of fault tolerant class availability by going beyond clustering or failover so you can always meet your SLA’s with confidence.

Why aim for high availability all the time?

  • Prevent business interruptions with applications mirrored on two virtual machines, with no changes to the application
  • Ensure application fault tolerance across geographically separated sites using synchronous replication
  • Mitigate the impact of disaster with built-in asynchronous replication between sites over a wide area network connection
  • Protects entire servers or select applications and data
  • Continuous monitoring with system level notifications should an issue arise
  • Centralised management tools giving view of the entire stack – from bare metal to the applications
  • Works with off-the shelf industry standard servers
  • Easy to implement and scalable solution that adapts to changing business requirements

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