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Ensuring zero downtime in today's always-on world

Research shows that even one hour of downtime can cost companies $600,000 in lost revenue and productivity. The cost is even higher when you factor in the loss of brand reputation and trust in the market. Whether it is to capture customer transactions, enable product delivery, monitor your building environment or controlling security access – IT systems touch every aspect of your business and protecting these are critical to driving profitability.

We’re committed to deliver to our clients continuous computing through a range of solutions across the entire up-time, availability and recovery continuum.


  • Five nines availability for mission critical computing with Fault Tolerance technology
  • Zero downtime with Application Continuous Computing
  • End-to-end protection for business services with Business Continuity solutions
  • Disaster Recovery with rapid fail over to another geographical location or in the Cloud
  • Enterprise Continuity Management ensures business continuity and disaster recovery plans will always work as intended
  • Availability for Cluster environments
  • Integrated Back-up solutions

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